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Shit Just Got Real


I haven’t been updating in a while because I went through a lot. My job cut my hours, my bills just went up, and it’s simply expensive to run something so small in such a big city. I’ve taken every penny I had to and put it in this business and it is simply not enough.

I won’t give up. I’ve had some amazing support and I’ve made great progress. My Campfire Crunch cookies are being sold in a restaurant. I’m getting orders from Canada and and abroad. My new cookies are getting critical acclaim. This is obviously what I am meant to do and I am not going to stop.

So, please. Contribute to get some great rewards or spread the word. The kindness of Tumblr folk like you and others keeps me going and I won’t forget it.

Thank you from the bottom of my sugar-coated heart.

~Brittany G. a.k.a The Baking Bandit

Thanks to all my new followers and rebloggers. I need to keep this business alive and I will need your help!

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